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Standing AC and USB Power and Charging Station

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Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.; 4 AC Outlets and 2 USB Ports Deliver a Sleek Smart Charging Solution; Designed & Engineered to Power Fast and Safely with Surge Protection and Built In EMI and RFI Noise Filters; 8ft Extension Cord Brings Power Up to Where You Are; 1,800...

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I first purchased a "The Tower" about 4 months ago because I had seen it in an online article and thought "There's a truly gorgeous design to solve one of my biggest on-going challenges - where/how to plug in all my devices?" I work at a large, Fortune 50 technology firm and I always have new gadgets to test out and play with; ranging in size from a small phone to a large notebook or PC. When I'm not using a high-tech device, I enjoy hiking and camping, which also necessitates lots of cameras, GPS, or other gadgets that requires charging.I now own 2 for myself, and bought a 3rd one for my sister for Christmas - that are THAT great!!The first thing you might notice is the cost difference between this unit and a cheap power strip. My usual method for charging and/or powering all these devices is a heavy duty power strip and multiple adapters for things like USB charging. In order to ensure safety of myself and my devices, I have to use a 15A power strip with a circuit breaker built in. The problem with those kinds of power strips is that there are cheap ones (around $30) which fail all the time and don't actually provide safe circuit breaker protection because they aren't grounded properly, so I need to use the higher quality professional grade ones that include RF noise and EMI filters for around $80-$100. I have to buy the oversized kind so that all my "power cubes" have enough space between outlets to fit. Plus, once I add in all my USB power adapters, I end up with a pretty ugly pile of cords and plugs. Those floor power strips were just not getting the job done but I wasn't happy with them.When I read the specs of The Tower, I was floored that such an elegant design could pack such a punch on the technical side.Read more ›
A fantastic product. I have a use for it in every room of my house and it is very well built. I love that I can charge my iphone and tablet at the same time in the pocket that is provided. I can now clear off my kitchen counter top where I used to charge my phone and tablet. The cord mess is now gone. It also looks great in my living room.
I bought two of these for the living room where we use three laptops, two tablets, cell phones etc. This simplifies all the wiring and charging problems. No more extension cords draped over the furniture.

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Brand Name The Art of Power
Item Height 30 inches
Item Length 9 inches
Item Width 9 inches
Item Weight 8 pounds

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