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Portable SmartGuitar with Interactive Guitar Lesson

The world’s first digital Smart Guitar that connects wireless to your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Includes interactive teaching apps so you can learn chords in minutes. It’s a guitar and lessons in one

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The world's first digital Smart Guitar that connects wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Includes interactive teaching apps so you can learn chords in minutes. It's a guitar and lessons in one; The only guitar that can sense the placement of your fingers and display them in real-time, on...

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As a musician, composer & MIDI guitar geek the Jamstik's infrared fret sensing technology was very intriguing to me, having purchased many MIDI guitar pedals, rigs & set ups in the past that required a fair amount of calibration, tweaking & setup (extra cables, pickups, etc..) all at a fairly expensive price point & were not "on the go" capable. Naturally, the Jamstik+ was a MUST for me at it's very modest price (Roughly, a 3rd of the cost of most the MIDI guitar systems I have bought!!)The advancements made from the 1st generation WIFI model are very significant & it's apparent that there have been some major improvements in performance, as well as advancements in the software that make it much more "user" friendly for beginners & pros alike.The Jamstik+ used as a generic MIDI controller allows me to enter all my keyboard, synth & ambiance to my compositions that I used to enter manually by hand before (Note by note, point and click style) so in that aspect it has been a godsend to my work flow & in turn helps me efficiently compose music. For new players there is an archive of chords, scales, & companion apps that teach you how to play, on the go so you can literally practice anywhere!Also, I'm a PC & Android guy, and even though it is not official supported, it still functions wired via USB, just be aware the your results will vary depending on the device & software you are trying to use! I use it with FL studios & Mixcraft on my PC wired USB often (I use my fancy Samsung USB cable for the best & most stable connection ^_^) And if you are experiencing latency, experiment with YOUR BUFFER & SAMPLE RATE just like you would with any other MIDI controller to best eliminate the latency.Read more ›
Wonderful responsive and fantastic concept.Really fantastic experience all round and can not recommend enough. if you want to learn to play guitar or practice on the road this is the instrument for you. finally midi is no longer the sole domain of the keyboard.
I’m a mom of 4 kids and like many parents feel that music is important. With so much technology to choose from (smartphones to iPads, video games, social media, etc..) it’s hard to compete for engagement as learning guitar or other instruments have not really been technology driven. I have done the lessons which are great but getting them to practice and generally have fun in the early phases is a tough chore. When I first read about the jamstik and upon further research I saw this product as an opportunity to combine both worlds. So far my youngest children for many reasons, size, the apps, the fun factor and the ease of access we are seeing results. The jamstik with its apps can teach the basics and really compliment if you are going to lessons with the most important piece it keeps their fingers on the guitar whether in the lessons or just messing around with GarageBand. I would recommend the jamstik+ for anyone wanting to bring more music in to the family, it’s even getting me to dabble in to playing a few chords.

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