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Portable Ergonomic Stand for Laptops, USB-Powered Monitors

VEYEM (Vertically Elevate Your External Monitor) is designed to improve ergonomics, reduce desk clutter, and increase productivity.


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  • Raises USB-powered monitors to eye level not only for better ergonomics, but also to reduce desk clutter.
  • Tri-fold design allows you to use the stand anywhere. Product dimensions: 12 x 11.5 x 3.6 inches.
  • Cable management holes route wires to reduce cable clutter.
  • Friction knobs allow you to adjust your screen to the perfect viewing-angle.
  • Compatible with USB-powered (Portable) monitors, tablets, magazines, documents and other devices.

Better Ergonomics
The VEYEM stand seamlessly elevates your portable monitor vertically above your laptop, positioning your screen at eye-level.

Reduce Desk Clutter
The stand lifts your device off your desk and organizes your cables, maximizing your workspace.

No External Keyboard Necessary
Other laptop stands raise your laptop off the desk, requiring you to use an external keyboard for proper ergonomics. The VEYEM stand allows you to type comfortably on your laptop’s keyboard.

Constructed out of impact resistant plastic, the stand is designed for every day use.

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