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Ornament: Star Wars: A New Hope C-3PO and R2-D2

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These permanently bickering yet inseparable mechanical droids proved their loyalty to their Rebel friends throughout the galactic Civil War and even saved the day a time or two. Now, C-3PO and R2-D2 are back as the 19th installment of the keepsake Series as seen in Star Wars: a new hope. This is...

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When you stop and think about it, it is pretty amazing that Hallmark’s official Star Wars series has been going so long. There are only so many characters they can pull from, especially since they have stuck with the original trilogy (except for one misstep) and have reserved the supporting characters for limited edition ornaments. One way they keep the series going is by pairing characters together in new ways, which brings us to this year’s entry in the series – C-3PO and R2-D2. These droids have already appeared in the series solo and paired with different characters, but fans will definitely want to get this ornament.The ornament really is as simple as it sounds. It features C-3PO and R2-D2 standing next to each other. C-3PO is mostly gold (just his right leg is silver) and it looks like he was just polished. R2-D2 is white and looks like he’s been cleaned up as well. Their only point of contact is C-3PO’s arm, which is resting on R2-D2’s head.So, why do we need this duo together as an ornament? Because I can’t help but think of them together. Yes, they do act alone at times in the films, but most of their best scenes are scenes they are in together and interacting with each other. In fact, they are often the comic relief of a scene, especially during some of the battles. Frankly, I’m a bit surprised that it’s take this long for us to get the duo together.Sadly, this ornament is not without its faults. As you’d expect, the two droids are standing side by side, so you can place it out on any flat surface to enjoy side by side. Unfortunately, their feet aren’t connected. This makes the ornament feel more fragile than I was expecting since they are only connected by C-3PO’s arm.Read more ›
I was disappointed in this ornament. First off, C-3PO is very dull - not the shiny, metallic gold that I expected. Since this is plastic and there are no pieces of metal, I suppose that makes sense, but it was not what I was hoping for. (Although it does make for a lighter ornament, easier to hang on the tree.)There is a great amount of detail, down to the exposed wires that are part of C-3PO's abdomen. R2-D2 is also very much like in the movies, even down to what looks like Tatooine dust all over.But there is no "wow" factor to this ornament. None of the parts move, C-3PO is very dull, there are no sound's just a plastic ornament. Which is fine - if this was about half the price. We'll keep it and hang it each year - but I don't think it will ever be a favorite.
Exactly what you'd expect. About the size of figures, made of hard plastic. C3PO's hand can be removed, with R2 connected to it. But it's easy to put back in and allows a tiny bit of turn to get R2 at the right slant. Nice detail and color, better than the figures I had in the past.Doesn't include a hook that I could see, but those are cheap. A nice treat for your tree or a nice stocking stuffer for the Star Wars fan in your life

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