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Noon Vr Virtual Reality Headset

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* Please note that we are unable to sell and ship to Asia, The Middle East, The United Arab Emirates, Austria, and Africa. Please contact your local distributor. * Transcend the world around you and enter a truly immersive and interactive virtual reality experience. Our NOON VR headset can turn...

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Jumping into the VR band wagon, and I'm really glad I bought the Noon VR. Because the bare bone Google Cardboard is just not cutting it for me, and the cheaper alternatives' build quality are subpar. I was not getting the full VR immersion experience with a google cardboard/cheaper alternatives.The packaging for Noon VR is minimal: Included you'll find a universal phone holder, head band, main VR unit, a lens cleaning cloth, and instruction manual. There are optional specific phone holders available but I haven't tried those yet. The universal holder, which uses a rubber strap to securely loop around your phone, fits my iPhone 6+ perfectly.The headset is made in Korea, and the build quality is excellent. There is quite a lot of attention to detail, there is no jagged edges, it just feels great in hand, and when you are actually wearing it. The included Velcro headband tucks nicely onto headset, and is fully adjustable both left & right, as well as from the top.After setup, I tried a few different iOS applications:Noon VR App - Which is awesome, because it can be used to play any video I have loaded in my phone and it feels like a theater experience wearing the VR set! There are also quite a few cool showcase videos as well as 360 degree videos for you to explore in the app. Being a guy, my all time fav would be those Korean MTVs featuring hot chics dancing in a studio, where I can view in a 360 degree angle 😛 Your Noon VR set entitles you to be able to install the app on two different phones.Google Cardboard App - Cool app to explore the VR possibilities.Vrse - Great VR story telling though a 360 degree fully immersed experience.Read more ›
I bought one of these a several days ago. Definitely not worth $89, I would say $40 at the most, it's just a molded plastic holder for a phone with two lenses. I would not buy it again, here's why:1. I have a medium size head and its tight fitting on me.2. Due to the tight fit and the plastic build fogging is a major problem.3. The lens adjustment really doesn't seem to do anything significant. I didn't notice a change when adjusting it.4. If you use an iPhone 6 like I do, then expect to see a screen with lots of pixels! They show up in all their colorful glory and are a significant distraction.5. The content on the app that comes with the headset just isn't that good.6. I'm still trying to figure it out but after several days I still can't get Netflix, YouTube, or downloaded movies to play. Not that I would want to watch a feature length movie on this thing anyway.7. If your just a VR enthusiast who wants to play with a phone holder and check out the technology then this should be fine. If you're someone who wants a usable piece of technology then this is just not mature enough. I think the calendar is against them at this point, not that they are any different from the other VR phone holders it's just the concept doesn't work very well. Hopefully the Rift headset and the Microsoft glasses will be better.8. As I said the app isn't that good and the content isn't either. I did find that it played my own phone videos better and they were fun to watch for the first few minutes.9. Build quality is ok, it's just light weight plastic so what else is there to say. I also didn't find it hard on my nose.Hope that helps if your researching or considering buying one of these types of headsets.
You really don’t get an idea for how awesome this thing is until you use it. I’ve used NOON with multiple VR apps & it’s worked flawlessly every time. Highly recommend this to anyone interested in what this amazing future holds.

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Size (LWH) 3.82 inches, 6.46 inches, 3.43 inches
Weight 8.16 ounces

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