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LEGO Star Wars 75097 Advent Calendar Building Kit LEGO

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Open a window every day to reveal 24 different LEGO Star Wars themed gifts; features 5 minifigures and 2 holiday-themed Droids; Vehicles include Jabba's Sail Barge, Sand crawler, Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon, AT-AT, A-wing Starfighter and a sleigh; Also features an Ewok weapon rack,...

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I usually buy the Lego City Advent Calendar each year, but this time I decided to try the Star Wars version. As usual there are lots of fun mini-models to assemble and place on the box's play area, including a C3PO holiday minifigure. Whether you buy the City, Friends, or Star Wars version of the advent calendar set, you'll have fun counting down the days in December all the way to Christmas!This is the 2015 model from Lego---they release new advent calendars every year---but it's simply designated for days 1-24 so you could use any of the sets from year to year. To re-use the calendar, make sure you carefully pop open the perforated windows so you'll be able to re-close them for next time. And be careful opening the box initially: the lid folds down to create a backdrop for setting up all the little models as you build each day.
I'm a Star Wars fan and long time collector of Star Wars Legos, including the yearly Advent Calendar.I was disappointed enough with this year's set that I'm actually docking one star. 5 of the 24 days aren't Star Wars recognizable in any way. They are merely little stands that hold another day's character's weapons, or something that in some way supports another day's character.For example:Day 6 is a little stand that holds a laser gun and bow/arrow (like from a robin hood set or something).Day 7 is a....shrubbery of some sort that literally does nothing. Really, I'm not kidding.Day 8 is an Ewok. Awesome.Day 9 is a catapult.Day 12 is a glorified gun rack for Day 10's Stormtrooper.Day 21 is a console that holds a laser gun for Day 17's Hoth Rebel Soldier.Those five day's toys are sad fillers in my opinion.The other 19 days are great, including assassin droid IG-88. Another plus that kept me from docking another star is that these are all Original Trilogy toys. I personally appreciate that: nothing from the prequels and no spoilers from the new movie coming out this December.Here are all the days and their descriptions:Day 1: Jabba's Sail Barge on a clear standDay 2: Sarlaac creatureDay 3: Black Imperial-looking droid (as of this typing I do not recognize it)Day 4: Jawa (figure)Day 5: Jawa SandcrawlerDay 6: Stand holding a laser gun and bow/arrow (assuming goes with Day 8's Ewok)Day 7: Ummmm...I have no idea what it is. Almost looks like a tree stand for Day 8's Ewok, except the Ewok can't fit on or under it, and this thing literally does nothing.Read more ›
An advent calendar is a countdown to Christmas. There are two ways to typically use the numbered windows:#1- Starting on Dec. 1st, the child opens one window per day, beginning with window number one, thereby counting forward to Christmas following the calendar days. (Ex: "Today we open window #5 because it is Dec 5.") The day you open window 24, it will be Christmas Eve.#2- Starting on Dec 1st, the child opens one window per day beginning with window number 24,thereby "counting down" 'the days until Christmas. (Ex: "Today we open window #5 because there are five days left until Christmas.")The day you open window number one will be Christmas Eve- one day before Christmas.IMPORTANT- The diagram directions for each lego piece are located on the inside flap of the corresponding window.One more thing. The box has a gatefold design. You want to open the flap, not the whole box. You do not remove the tray from the box.Thumbs up for calendar, thumbs up for price! Much less than prior year. And thumbs up for you! If my review helped please thumbs up back.

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Manufacturer recommended age 6 - 14 years

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