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Decorative Solar Christmas Lights White

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Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.; This wonderful string light illuminates during night, ideal for decorating your gardens, patio, lawn, porch, gate, yard, etc.; Super long working time, it can continuously work more than 8 hours at night if the panel absorbs enough sunshine...

User reviews

This lovely and very long (72 feet) string of LED lights is easy to install outdoors. There's no need for an outlet. Just stick the solar panel into the ground where it's likely to get plenty of light during the day and not so much at night. Then turn it on and it will illuminate at night and turn off during the day.While these are listed as white lights, they do seem a bit on the blue side to me, so that is something to be aware of. Still, they are quite nice.There are two buttons on the bottom of the solar panel (which sticks into the ground using a little stake). One button turns it on and off. The other toggles through the various lighting modes. There's a mode that has the lights stay on steadily, there's a mode that turns just every other one of them on, there's a mode that has them all blinking at once, and a mode that has them "shimmer" by blinking at different times. That's my favorite.This would be ideal for the holidays -- one reason we don't light things up for the holidays is that it's a pain to get power to the lights where we need it. These take care of that problem completely. These would also be great for a wedding or an anniversary, or even an outdoor barbecue. They look very nice and seem like they'll last a long time. (Product sample provided.)
These are pretty terrific lights, but there are some things you should think about before you install them. They are solar but the little box with the solar sensor on it is not very waterproof. It'll survive a light sprinkle now and again, but if there's a downpour it's done. I installed these lights under the covered patio in my backyard and they looked spectacular, but I ran the solar box up to the roof so it would get the most sun exposure - bad idea. After a couple days of hard rain the lights no longer worked. I figured it was because they weren't getting enough sun but then after several weeks of sun they never came back on. I contacted the seller and they were great.Following their instructions I put the new set up a little differently. I mounted the solar box on the patio railing so it's under the cover of the roof but in a place that still gets nice morning sun. Now they work brilliantly! Evidently, they don't need a ton of sunlight and they don't need it directly, strong ambient light will charge them, too. I've noticed that even on cloudy days they still come on when night falls, they just aren't quite as strong and don't stay lit as long. But even on cloudy days they continue to glow for 5 or 6 hours after the sun sets.These are a super long set, too, which I really love. I strung them by wrapping them around the beams under the patio roof and they covered three 20 foot beams easily. Wrapping them rather than hanging them breaks up the pattern so they don't look like a linear string of lights - instead they are staggered and more random looking so they look more like stars!They really are lovely lights!I received these as a sample to evaluate and review.
I like these Christmas lights. They're a bright white, almost blue white. Modern looking lights. I used them on a young tree in my front lawn. My front lawn gets a lot of California sun so the lights last throughout the night until the morning when they turn off automatically because of the sunrise. There was a learning curve with these lights as there were no manuals that came with the lights, just a small piece of paper with simple instructions. I learned that these lights will not turn on in the day time no matter how many times I pressed the power button. Ah...lesson one, these only turn on when it's dark. When it did turn on, it'll suddenly turn off. Ah...lesson two, some of the modes have a long period of no lights flashing...wait for it, and then they were back on doing its light show. This was frustrating because I started pressing the power button thinking something was wrong, which probably interrupted the light mode. So in the end, once the lights were hung on the tree, I pressed the power button for it to turn on and left it on whatever mode it was on (it flashed/twinkled in many different patterns) and didn't mess with the buttons until it was time to take down the lights after new year's. I hope these lights will be useful for future Christmases. If not, I'll update my post.

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Part Number 200LED22mSolarSL01-White
Item Weight 15.8 ounces
Product Dimensions 4 x 4 x 1 inches
Origin China
Color White
Finish Matte
Material Plastic
Power Source Solar-Powered
Voltage 2 volts
Item Package Quantity 1
Type of Bulb LED
Special Features Waterproof, Adjustable


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