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Gourmia GCR-1700

Gourmia GCR-1700 10-in-1 Programmable Multi Cooker with Exclusive Robotic Hands Free Stirrer is 10 IN 1 Grill, bake, steam, saute, pan fry, stew, stir fry, slow cook, roast or make sauces – all a la robot. Breakthrough technology now allows you to step away from virtually any food and return for delicious results. EXCLUSIVE HANDS FREE STIRRER Features top mounted self-operating stirrer for perfect stir fry and saute, Asian dishes, risotto, stews, fries, soup, scrambled eggs and more. Leading engineers have eliminated the need for mixing and stirring, first on the market revolution for home cooks! You’ve got your hands free for anything but that dirty spoon. Auto circulating system seamlessly moves air throughout the device for an even, perfect cook. Enjoy the moist interiors and crisp exteriors of top notch fries, steak, chicken and casseroles. Meals are now finished quicker and lower calorie – no cooking oil/fat needed. Breeze through cooking with a preprogrammed control panel. Set your dish and go; it’s that simple! The Cook Robot features an easy read display for time and temperature, clear view lid, and dishwasher safe auto stir spatulas.

Gourmia GCR-1700

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