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Foldable Headset Voice Over Internet Protocol

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Hear the music with stylish behind-the-neck headphones. The GE Behind-the-Neck Headset provides quality sound for all music types, featuring a streamlined, compact and lightweight unit perfect. Foldable design is ideal for travel. Comfortable and stylish behind-the-neck design. Foldable...

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As many have previously stated, "...when it works, it works great... or is very fragile..." -- I love the headset from the standpoints of sound quality, how lightweight it is, and that it is generally easy to wear and use. The problem is it breaks at the hinge so easily. I have bought, broken, and returned four of them now and I am giving up. Thankfully they took each broken one back, however it's always a hassle. I wish the hinge was not there or it was metal, however a plastic hinge on a headset that is taken off and put on repeatedly in a day is bound to wear out. Really wish this was built a little stronger and was more reliable. Sorry GE... you were close, but my business is no longer yours for phone headsets.
I broke two of these before I figured out how fragile they are. When they work, they work great.The current pair is about 6 months old and people are beginning to complain about sound quality. A mic should not wear out, but who knows? The same people had commented earlier that the sound quality was good.I use this headset for conducting business meetings so reasonable fidelity is a necessity.
I used this for less than 2 months, and the microphone stopped working. Other wise it is a very good design. Be ware! GE does not stand behind this product. I tried to get honor the one year warranty on the product, and they bluntly refused. Below find their email response to me:Jasco Products Tech Support callcenteremail@jascoproducts.com12:33 PM (3/17/2014)HelloThank you for contacting Jasco Products Company.Unfortunately MidAtlantic Merchant is not an authorized retailor so a replacement would need to be handled by them. I see on the ticket that they will not take it back because it is used so you will need to contact them about how to handle this issue. The reason that we can't exchange it is because the warranty starts from the day that the headset was originally purchased and we don't have that receipt. For us to replace the headset that you bought you would need to get a copy of the receipt from when the headset was originally purchased and if it's still within the warranty time frame then we would be able to replace it.If you need further assistance, you can contact usby e-mail at support@jascoproducts.comphone at 1-800-654-8483 option 1,Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST.To respond, please select "Reply" in your e-mail software, and be sure that the past e-mail is included in this reply.[AOL Users: In order to include the previous e-mail, you must highlight it with your mouse when you are replying.]If you need to reply, please be sure to include in your message all information from prior e-mail messages & replies. If your e-mail client automatically deletes prior e-mail thread information, it will cause a delay while we look up your support history.Read more ›

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Product Dimensions 3 x 7.3 x 10.8 inches
Shipping Weight 4.8 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
Item model number 95432

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