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Car Charger Power Bank Built-in 2800mAh

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Exclusive SI Technology - Car charger can smartly identify your devices and maximize its charging speed.; Car Charger & Powerbank - Two USB ports to charge multiple devices while driving and endurance your Mobile phone with low battery in your journey; Power Capacity - Built in 2800mAh battery...

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This Jelly Comb car charger is without a doubt something you should own. The price is ridiculously cheap for what you get in return. The charger is 25W & 5A. It charges at a high rate of speed. There are many dual chargers on the market but they all have a preset power amount set to each side. Let's pretend you need to charge something rated at 3A, you are out of luck since the presets are 1A & 2.1A. This is a smart charger. It determines what is needed for that item and gives it to you up to the max of 5A. So with the Jelly Comb Charger you get your 3A on one USB port and still have 2A for another device. There is an LED light to show you that the connection is good. There is built in protection to prevent overheating over charging, & over current, which to me gives you piece of mind. This is a solid choice for anyone needing a dual car charger. I guess that means everyone then since we all have either two devices to charge, or you and a friend can each charge your phones at the same time.
For a more in-depth look of the product, watch my review video. I will list a summary of features:- A neat little twist on the normal car charger. The end looks like a ball which is a unique feature- Two USB ports allows for two devices to be charging at the same time- Technology that detects what device is plugged in so it can distribute the correct amount of power- Easy to setup and useI received this product in exchange for a video review.
Works exactly as described. Only thing I will say is that it doesn't rotate. To me it looked like the head on it would rotate. Not disappointed at all just thought I would say it in case anyone else thought that.

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