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Brylanehome 71/2′ Deluxe Pop-Up Christmas Tree

This Lush Beauty Arrives As A Pancake-Flat Sphere. Simply assemble the stand and voila! It cascades down into a gorgeous display pre-decorated and pre-lit with 55′ of french ribbons, 36 bows, 48 swirl ornaments and 24 poinsettias with 450 lights. After the holidays, stores practically flat!

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Our most deluxe Christmas tree ever! This lush beauty arrives as a pancake-flat sphere. Simply assemble the stand and voila! It cascades down into a gorgeous display pre-decorated and pre-lit with 55' of french ribbons, 36 bows, 48 swirl ornaments and 24 poinsettias with 450 lights. • a...

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I'm confused about the previous review. This tree is gorgeous, very sturdy with great quality decorations and ribbons, and truly was a few seconds to put up! It can be stored in the box it comes in which is only about 4-5 inches high. For the price, it totally outweighed my expectations, and I look forward to many years of Christmases without the dread of unpacking and packing all of the hub-bub of an artificial tree that needs assembly and is such a chore to put up and down from the attic each year. I have found Amazon to stick by their products, so if you aren't happy, return it. But, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I love mine. What a creative idea!! Kudos to the inventor!!
This was such a convenient way for us to save time and have a fully decorated tree, complete with lights, ribbons, and ornaments, delivered only days before the holiday. All the lights worked fine (although we had back- up lights ready, saved from old trees).While I confess to preferring a more personalized tree we simply couldn't manage that this year due to a series of unexpected events. Time was short. I assume many potential buyers have that same problem.So I am listing all the pros and cons of these trees so skip down below if you want to read about what I found to be small but potential issues. A major pro for us: we have family members who are allergic to real trees so this is a nice compact substitute. During te day, this tree is quite attractive even when the lights are off.As for the lights, they are multi-colored and the traditional red, blue, green, orange, etc. We were pleased to discover the ribbons going up the tree were a red and green plaid and the Christmas ornaments were a deep and rich red and gold. Artificial Poinsettias added extra variety.The aboves are the benefits. Some possible cons:The tree could get lost in a room with high ceilings. However, it should be fine in an average living room or corner of an apartment family room. It is a small but life size Christmas tree. You should be aware, however, that this tree does have a slim shape so don't expect a wide, bushy appearance..also, you can't select the decorations or color scheme. Trees are varied and you take your chances.Once surrounded by gifts, it looks very nice. - with the advantage of saving enough space to actually allow for a fair number of presents. and of course, no messy pine needles after the holidays!
I got the tree on sale for $89, which was far less than similar trees on Amazon. While I don't think it's worth that much, it's fine for what I want right now - an easy decorating solution. The thing is very simple to put up, and looks like the picture. The lights work well, the ribbons are shiny, the ornaments glitter - it's fine. It looks quite pretty standing in my living room, both during the day and in the evening, when I have the lights on. You don't even need a tree skirt, although I put one down.What really astonished me was the speed at which I got it. Amazon told me I'd get it after Dec 17 - I got it on Dec 10 or 11, just a few days after I'd ordered. Nice!

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