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Black Friday 2015: Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle

Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle including Kindle Voyage 6″ E-Reader with Wi-Fi and Special Offers, Amazon Black Leather Cover, and Power Adapter

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Includes the latest Kindle Voyage 6" E-Reader with Wi-Fi and Special Offers ($199.99), Amazon Black Leather Cover ($59.99), and Amazon 5W Power Adapter ($19.99). Save 11% compared to when purchased separately.; Passionately crafted for readers; High-resolution 300 ppi display--reads even more...

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Comment added 11/13/15: When first released, this Kindle bundle was offered at a much larger discount to Amazon Prime members (I believe the discount was about $55), and for other customers I don't recall if any discount at all was made. Now, the pricing is a $30 discount, for all purchasers. The value is therefore quite a bit less than when I first posted this review, but for someone wanting this particular combination of Kindle plus cover and adaptor, it's still a good deal. My original review follows, unchanged (and there is still no announcement from Amazon regarding a new Voyage model to be available this year).------I have had my Kindle Voyage since it was first introduced, and I also purchased this leather cover at that same time (but in red, not black). I don't have this particular charger, but I have several of the equivalent models that I've accumulated over the years from previous Kindle purchases.Without going into great detail on the merits of the Voyage (click on the link in the first paragraph for customer reviews), I will say that I use it every day, it replaced my PaperWhite (first generation) and I prefer the Voyage over the PaperWhite, the screen is very high quality and uniformly illuminated, the battery life is excellent, and it holds as many books as I could possibly want to carry with me (as I write this, I have over 1000 books on my Voyage, and it is roughly half full).It's also slightly smaller than the PaperWhite (but with the same size screen), and therefore lighter to hold, and it's styled and finished a bit nicer.Read more ›
I have owned many amazon devices over the years, and have come to love them all. And I can tell you with great enthusiasm, that this is an amazing deal!Origami Cover---You can buy the cover separately for 60 dollars, and that's the real selling point in this bundle. You essentially save 10 bucks, plus you get a charging plug included. Now I know that amazon sells its charging plug for 20 bucks, but honestly, that's outrageous, and I would never buy that. But, if they've included, I'll take it! People tend to hate the origami cover, and if you do, then this bundle is worthless to you. However, I LOVED it. It's beautiful, it's slick, and comfortable to hold. It protects the Voyage, and it's really convenient as a stand. You can go for low quality ones, but this is by far the greatest. The best part about this case though, has to be the fact that it attaches to the voyage magnetically, like my iPad and smart cover. This is really convenient, and is an additional selling point. If you think the case is coming in the way you can very easily just detach it. Really nice addition, which by the way, was not included in the paperwhite, or earlier editions.So it's a lot of money. But it's TOTALLY worth it!Screen and Size---If you've had other kindles, you will notice this: the voyage is slightly smaller. The specs will tell you that, but once you actually get it, you'll see the difference, and it's really helpful, because you can just stick it in your pockets!People have complained about the screen a lot, however, I have found to absolutely amazing! Like phones, there is an auto brightness setting (which can be manually adjusted as well) which comes in really handy.Read more ›

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