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Bamboo Portable Laptop Desk Table Foldable

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The Songmics bamboo lap desk is finely designed and crafted with a natural finish. It is durable and practical.

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As other reviewers have indicated, it is a great idea (love that it's made of bamboo and that it's as wide as it is to accommodate a mouse, if I want to use one), but doesn't function exactly as is shown. #1, mine came minus the little bar to hold the laptop or book on the slanted portion that was supposed to be in the drawer, but wasn't (Amazon was GREAT in resolving this, BTW); #2 the legs splay out much wider than shown in any picture (they say they go from 25.6 - 29.5" when in fact the only way they are stable is stretched out to their full 33", as shown in my attached photo) and as another reviewer mentioned, there's no way to lock them in place (I may install something myself), and it gives it a very wobbly feel until the legs are splayed out all the way; #3 when the legs are fully extended, because they do splay way out, the desk is not quite as tall as they say it is--it tops out at about 10 3/4" (see attached photo); #4 when the legs are extended, you can't fold it back up again without unscrewing the wing nuts and collapsing the legs to the original length--nothing horrible but a bit inconvenient; all the screws seem a bit loose, as if the holes were drilled just a tad too large--again, nothing to make me not buy this again, but something that could be improved and would make the unit feel more stable.ADDENDUM on 2/25/15: After leaving negative seller feedback, I got several e-mails from the company, and while the initial communications were anything but cordial (as evidenced by the comments on this post), the last customer service rep I corresponded with was extremely helpful and attentive to my situation.Read more ›
My wife is handicapped, and essentially lives on her laptop....Sitting in an easy chair. We've gone through several different types of lap desks. Her last one, made of plastic, had started to come apart so we checked all the reviews on various products here and went with this one.Not a good item. The first thing that happened was that the glued support between two of the legs fell off. Then one of the pivot bolts for the legs fell out. It's almost impossible to keep these pivot bolts tight, short of using "loctite"or some similar product.The "stop" for the computer was included, but it just sits in the little drilled holes and should have been glued in place at the factory.A poorly-made failure.Further on this...... After posting the above review, we were contacted by the distributor who asked for pictures of the damage. I supplied these and they admitted that this one was defective and promptly refunded my money. So at least this is a responsive and responsible dealer.
This notebook table is has a nice concept and make of quality bamboo but doesn't quite work the way I would like it to. The legs of the table are difficult to maneuver. The hang loose until the table is on a fixed surface and don't lock into place. I would have been nice it there were a way the legs could lock into a coupleI find this really frustrating to deal with. I probably should have returned it but didn't want the hassle nor to pay the shipping.

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Product Dimensions 21.7 x 11.4 x 13.8 inches ; 6.6 pounds
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