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16 Pieces Turkish Coffee Serving Set

16 Pieces Turkish Greek Coffee Set by BOSPHORUS. Comes in the gift box seen on the images
2 Porcelain Cups(2 Oz),2 Cup Holders,2 Saucers,2 Cup Lids.
1 Thickest -1mm- Copper Coffee Pot, (8 Oz – Makes 2-3 demitasse cups of coffee)
1 Serving Tray. 1 Big Sugar Bowl with lid. 1 Small Turkish Delight Bowl with lid.
Includes 6.6 Oz Premium Mehmet Efendi Coffee (Roasting Since 1876).

"BOSPHORUS" 16 Pieces Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Making Serving Gift Set with Copper Pot Coffee Maker, Cups Saucers, Tray, Sugar Bowl & 6.6 Oz Coffee, BOSPHORUS

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HOW TO MAKE TURKISH COFFEE You will need to have a Turkish coffee pot, a spoon, sugar and coffee that has been ground to a fine powder. Although most people use the Arabica beans, it really doesn't matter what kind of coffee you use. However, it should be a medium roast, because you will actually...


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